Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer is almost here.

As summer gets closer my stress level seems to increase ever so slightly.  I have begun to think of things to do this summer to keep my kids and I busy.  We started a list to help us accomplish our goals.  Some of our summer plans are probably very similar to your own.  We are planning many sleepovers, camp outs and play dates as well as a variety of movie nights.

On our list we also have several outside the box activities.  One of the top activities is marker tag.  Marker tag is very simple and doesn't require a lot of rules or supplies.  You simply need plain white shirts and makers for everyone playing.  Let the games begin.  Chase each other around and create fun summer shirts in the process.

We are also planning to have a giant slip'n'slide that runs the full length of the our side yard which is roughly a half acre.  All we are going to use is a long tarp or piece of plastic with the similar consistency.  I am also hoping to put together a pvc pipe sprinkler that I can hang above the slip'n'slide.  I think the pipe sprinkler will be better for us than just a hose.  By using the sprinkler from above, I am hoping to avoid some tripping hazards.

This summer is going to be the toughest summer we have had in a long time.  With my husband deployed it has been difficult to keep everyone entertained.  I am hoping that this summer will be a chance for the kids and I to build memories that we will always remember.

If any of you have summer activities that you would like to share, we would love to hear them.  I am hoping to have a longer list of summer activities in the next week, but I am prepared to wing for part of the summer.

We are down to the last 13 days of school here and will be enjoying some of our festivities very soon.

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