Tuesday, April 1, 2014

During Spring Break

So we had an interesting spring break here in Oregon.  Most of the week was very wet and stormy, so we spent a good portion of our vacation indoors.  We played a number of games and watched several movies as well as enjoyed multiple rounds of Ottoman Olympics and fashion shows.

For those of you who don't know... Ottoman Olympics is a crazy activity I created to help me cope with my 4 energetic children being stuck in the house because of bad weather.  This activity only requires 2 things: first its helpful to have an ottoman and second children willing to participate. When you gather your items you can begin to find a good place to set the ottoman where the children can run, jump and flip over it and nothing is going to break (including the kids).  Then your set.  I simply suggest they get into line and take turns flipping and rolling across the ottoman in as many ways as they can imagine.  They are usually pretty tired after about a half hour of playing this game and are ready to settle down for a little while. This gives me just enough time to come up with the next activity even though they usually just want to play Ottoman Olympics again.

Although we didn't do all the things we had hoped to this year, we did have fun together and that is really all we wanted anyway.  Have fun in all you do and remember to roll with whatever happens sometimes the simple things that we do to save the day really work and they create the best memories.

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  1. This is an awesome idea. Wish I could see the pics.